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About Me

Why You Should Choose Me For Your Dent Repair ?

           One of my favorite sayings is "Not everybody is born to play the violin."  The same goes for
        guys that do PDR (Paintless Dent Removal). When watching a skilled PDR technician at work,
        it takes no time at all to realize that it is a TRUE ART FORM.  A skill that takes years to master,
        and some never do.  For all the skilled techs out there, there are ten times as many unqualified
        guys who advertise themselves as Paintless Dent Removal technicians.

           Before I started my PDR career, I was the head artist of a graphic art / sign studio.  I was an
        art major at CSULB and for as long as I can remember, I drew, painted and worked with ceramics.
        Why does that matter?  I truly believe that a keen artistic eye helps a PDR tech achieve a higher
        level of dent repair skill.  All Dent guys carry the exact same tools.  There are no "better tools" or
        "cutting edge" tools.  Just standard dent tools all dent guys carry.

        You pay for what that particular dent guy can do with his dent tools.                                                              

When I take on a dent, it is always my goal to make it vanish.  I pride myself on having the
reputation of being the guy who can take out dents that other techs can't.  I never rush any job,
and always treat a vehicle as if were my own.

In 1995 I was trained by an exceptional PDR tech who taught me the correct way to repair dents.
After extensive hands on instruction I became one of two dent guys at Norm Reeves Honda.
That dealership sells more cars than any other in California.  Every used car came through us
because the vast majority had some dent damage.  For five years I would repair up to twenty cars
a day. I was given every kind of dent damage imaginable, and during my time there, I really honed
my skills.  For five years I worked on thousands of dents all day long Monday - Friday.

In 2000, I left Norm Reeves and started working at only high line dealerships, detail shops,
custom vehicle shops and many local car wash establishments.  Over the years I have repaired dents for
celebrities, pro athletes from the Lakers, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Anaheim Ducks and
The Jacksonville Jaguars to name a few.  I repaired dents on the BMW Halle Berry drove in the 007
movie, "Die Another Day".  I repaired a Porsche owned by Jerry Seinfeld and fixed dings on
 the four Union Jack Jaguars used in the Austin Powers motion pictures.

I'm proud to say that I currently list: Long Beach BMW, Sterling BMW, Long Beach Mercedes,
Cerritos and Anaheim Hills Jaguar / Land Rover, Gardena Police Department, Long Beach Fire Department
as some of my clients.  If they all trust me with their vehicles, so can you!


All Dent Guys Are Created Equal." 
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